True Spirit International Ministries - True Worshippers must Worship in Spirit and in Truth!
Our ministry was founded by God in 2000, and organized by the Holy Spirit breathing instructions into our Pastors Jason and Fran Johnson. True Spirit International Ministries was birthed in humble begginings, as it began in the basement of our pastor's home. We are a non-denominational ministry, and our ultimate goal is to offer a place where all ethnicities and cultural groups can worship the Lord freely, and without restraint in their praise and worship experience.
This ministry is dedicated to bringing family values back into the home, using the Word of God as the basis for foundational instructions that will allow the parent to once again become relate-able to the children. Our purpose is to build upon the Kingdom of God, by adding one soul at a time to our ministry.
God recently instructed us to sell our church building, and to move our ministry to the Blue Island community, (a suburban area of Chicago); the purpose behind the move is to start a multi-cultural church, bridging the chasm between ethnic groups throughout the Blue Island Community.
.We invite everyone to join us in our endeavor to reach inside this community, and put an end to racial division among the people of God.
We offer a wide array of ministries in our services, such as Praise Team, Choir, Praise Dance, Step Team, Mime Team, Puppet Ministry, Singles Ministry, Women's Ministry and Nursing Home visitation just to name a few. Our youth are very active in our services.
We can be reached by calling 708-833-7947, or by mail: 20721 Torrence Avenue Lynwood, Illinois 60411. 
Service Hours:
Wednesday - (Mid Week Service): 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Sunday - (Sunday School): 9:30am - 10:30am
               (Morning Worship) 11:00am  
We are working diligently to add souls to the Kingdom of our Lord, and sowing into our ministry would help us in our endeavor to do just that. We are accepting all monetary donations to assist us in this process; we have plenty of faith, but  your financial support of this ministry will hasten our efforts to reach more souls for the kingdom.
Please send all tax deductible donations to: C/O True Spirit International Ministries 20721 Torrence Avenue Lynwood, Illinois 60411 
                                                                     MAY GOD BLESS YOU!
                                                                     Pastors Jason & Fran Johnson
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