True Spirit International Ministries - True Worshippers must Worship in Spirit and in Truth!
Married June 17, 1989, our Pastor's never believed that their happiness rested on their love for one another alone!
Thursday, December 23, 1999 while attending a church service at the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church where the acclaimed Reverend Clay Evans was passing the Pastoral mantel over to Pastor Charles Jenkins during a week long service titled "From Moses To Joshua"; Pastor Jason listened to a life changing message during one of those services. That sermon spoke directly to the heart of pastor Jason, and it was that night that God blessed him to call into existence the church known as True Spirit.
Hearing the messenger speak that night allowed Pastor Jason to know that God had called him to his pastorate that night. Pastor Jason and Fran stayed up crying and praying for the souls that God would be sending their way, and this cry in the Spirit lasted well past 5:00am the next morning.
Both our pastor's left their jobs to follow the voice of God. Pastor Fran left her $45K job of twenty-one years; and Pastor Jason resigned from his $80K job of twenty years after hearing God's Audible Voice instructing him to leave his place of employment, Both had previously worked as managers for the Walgreens Drug chain stores. January 2, 2000 True Spirit had it's first service in the basement of pastor Jason's home, and twenty-one souls became the first fruits of True Spirit church.
True Spirit purchased its first building thirteen months later, Our new facility was located at 539 W, 120th Street in Chicago, Illinois 60628; and the Good LORD blessed Pastor Jason and Fran to take out a second mortgage against their home for the rehab of that building, and one month from the purchase date our eighty-nine members walked into our new location.
Many of the members did not understand the level of faith that it took for our pastors to not only mortgage their home, but also give the church $43K of their personal equity towards the rehab process! Here at True Spirit we call that "CRAZY FAITH"! who in their right mind would do such a thing? If the members didn't tithe or give offerings, they could have lost everything they had worked so very hard for. But through their "CRAZY FAITH", God would not be denied.
CRAZY FAITH struck again in the Winter of 2010; when Pastor Jason and Fran was told by God to sell the church building, and move to the Chicago Suburb known as Oak Lawn to start a multi-cultural church. As faith would have it, again they obeyed the voice of God, and this time again the Lord would not be denied. As the church building was sold, our pastor's home was paid off ten years before the scheduled date on February 19, 2010. Following the Voice of God has its benefits! 
Currently our Pastors are working diligently to build a multi-cultural church in the city of Oak Lawn, Illinois, and although they are faced with stiff opposition, they remain undaunted and faithful while they continue to press one day at a time, reaching towards the promises of the Lord. 

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